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Marketing and Technology Expo at The Greenville Chamber of Commerce on May 24th was a great success. Claudia Wise put on a smashing event. Phil Yanov presented, he is always an informational and fun speaker. 

The Chamber celebrated National Small Business Week May 21-25. The Chamber is always promoting and helping businesses and they did not disappoint.  Don’t miss out on the Chamber’s events that are coming up soon here is a link, Chamber Calendar.



The Best part about being in the Local Internet Marketing Business is getting your client’s information to the front page of search engines and seeing them get really excited with the results. I love when we get MULTIPLE Listings on the front page of Google. Whether it is their website, a video, Facebook post, directory listing, social media site, blog post or more it makes you feel really awesome. The clients see the value and refer like Crazy. I am at the point now where I am the prize, and I can pick and choose whom I work with because of what we offer and our reputation. I am also one who didn’t niche out for a specific field. I could have, but I love a new challenge. It is so fun and exciting! I have MD’s, Chiropractors, Hair Stylists, Clothing Stores, Auto Shops, Contractors and more. It is always a new adventure and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

All the Best to Everyone




2012 has been a very busy year so far. We are getting ready to launch our new product Total Web Domination. Green Elephant has created an in-depth training program for social media marketing. It is a step by step video training program that uses the same strategy we use for our clients. This will level the playing field for all businesses. It shows businesses how to set up their web presence in a day. It also shows businesses how to create content and post properly to create multiple listings on the front page of google.

So instead of paying 15K+ a year for services from Green Elephant, pay less than $500 to do it yourself!

Green Elephant Social Media Marketing

Green Elephant Social Media Marketing in Greenville, SC is proud to be opening Impact Media U. A social media and internet training facility located in Greenville, SC. Impact Media U will be offering classroom, on-site training and virtual training. This is really going to be an incredibly awesome, content packed training program. All the secrets where to find content, how to automate systems, how to set up everything, and more. Call 864.991.1421 for more information.

Green Elephant Social Media Marketing

Happy New Year everyone a little late! 2011 was an eventful year professionally and personally  for Green Elephant and staff.  There were many triumphs and battles, and somehow we made it through. 2012 promises to be a great year for us and we hope for everyone else as well.

So let’s get on with the New Cool Stuff! Green Elephant has added many additional services with very affordable price points. We have added a new system that offers 7 different kinds of  marketing strategies. One of my favorite is the texting campaigns, which works amazing with all types of businesses. I love how it can actually give the social status score of the opt- ins. Which is awesome, imagine targeting the specific leads that have a great social media presence. You can send them a direct invitation to events or offer free gifts to post, tweet and promote your business.  Just one of our great new products. Lead Capture Strategies and More!!! We have so many more.

2012 is Going to be Wonderful!!

Green Elephant Social Media Marketing

Green Elephant Social Media Marketing


Until you make front page on Google with “organically” or with unpaid advertising, you can always use adwords to be on the front page of Google.

Are you looking to learn how to optimize your ads, increase click-through rate, reduce advertising costs and maximize return on investment in one go? The following tips will help you in achieving those goals.

Keeping Track On Your ROI (Return on investment) This is one statistic that you really need to know. You need to know where your conversions are coming from on a keyword level. Detailed knowledge on this will seriously reduce your advertising costs, which increases your overall profit. Google provides a useful service from within your Adwords account called ‘Analytics’ which will provide this vital information.

How to Improve ROI? This can be achieved by:

One of the major mistakes that new adword users make is bidding on to general a term. You need to narrow down your keywords. You might think you know what keywords to use, but most people don’t. Use Google’s “Keyword tool” to search and find what people are searching for locally. For example, instead of bidding on ‘sports car’ you may try ‘red convertible sports car’. If you can attract more targeted traffic you will have a better chance of converting them into actual sales.

Google also has advanced options so you can target within any distance of your current business. It is not effective online advertising if visitors from another state or country click on your ad to go to your website and you have a storefront in Greenville and you don’t sell online.You can also try some simple split testing. Test the same ad, but with different headlines. Make sure you click the ‘show ads equally’ option within your account. This will be an ongoing process that will help you write better performing ads.

To date Green Elephant has never used adwords for our company. We usually maintain 2-3 spots on Google’s front page for the search terms “social media marketing Greenville SC” and social media Greenville SC. It took us 72 days to make it to front page and we have remained there by constantly creating new content. We can do this for your business!